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Upholstery North shore offers a professional upholstery service. Our North Shore upholsterers specialized in upholstery and furniture repair, furniture restoration, custom build upholstery and reupholster solutions. No matter how big or small your upholstery needs we are able to advice and quote on the best solution upholstery solution for marine upholstery, furniture upholstery, vehicle upholstery, out door upholstery and aircraft upholstery.


We offer upholstery services across the North Shore for home and domestic queries and are also willing to quote on insurance claims and large scale commercial upholstery projects.


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They don't make furniture like they used to! Well then why not reupholster and restore your quality old furniture, lounge suite, dinning chairs, couch or out door furniture to their former glory, customised to suite your new décor design. At Reupholster North Shore our upholsterers will work with you , from fabric selection and décor to make sure that we restore and reupholster your old chairs and couch just the way you imagined it to be. We can reupholster and refurbish your old furniture in fabric or leather and it will feel as fresh and as comfortable as the day you bought it. At Reupholster North Shore our upholsterers can work with a wide range of fabrics from genuine leather to vinyls and woven fabric of all makes. Reupholster North Shore offers reupholster services for vehicle reupholstery customizationn, boat and marine reupholstery and furniture reupholstery. We service all of the Auckland North Shore area, Devonport, Takapuna, Birkenhead, Beach Haven, Glenfield, Albany, Browns Bay and Dairy Flat. We are happy to quote on small and large jobs.

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A must read if you’re considering Reupholstering your sofa!

Author: Chris Stovold

The main consideration, inevitably, is, “Is it worth it, or should I buy a new sofa?”

Let’s try to answer this…

Firstly, was the suite a good one at the time you bought it? Do you recall the make?

If it was made by Parker Knoll, Duresta, Derwent, Ercol, Collins and Hayes, Peter Guild, Bridgecraft, Multiyork, Minty, Marks and Spencer, Cintique, Wade Upholstery, for example, then you can be assured that the frame is of good quality. It is the frame that is the most important thing about a sofa and which makes it last a lifetime.

Nowadays, I have found, the quality of construction is poorer than years ago, with notable exceptions, including Multiyork, where a three-piece suite can often cost £4500, but is of excellent quality.

There were other small manufacturers whose furniture was excellent, for example Tulleys of Chelsea and Omega of Waltham Cross, but sadly, they are no longer in business as they strived for excellent standards but fought a losing battle against the national retailers whose furniture is far cheaper. I won’t dwell on this other than to say I have often found in my opinion, their quality and durability to be questionable, as they are built down to a price.

So, to summarise the above succinctly, if you have a good sofa, then keep it and have it re-upholstered, as it will be hard and costly to find a new sofa whose reliability and comfort you can trust.

Regarding comfort, your upholsterer should always offer the option of making changes to the padding of the sofa. Sometimes, firmer or thicker cushions can be more appropriate. You upholsterer will most likely have far more varied amounts of fabrics for you to choose.

In terms of fabrics, always ask to see them in your home as when viewing them in brochure or show room, artificial light can make them slightly different.

Another consideration: your existing furniture fits your room. A majority of new furniture is extremely large. I don’t know why they make them so big, but they certainly can easily dominate a room, making further changes necessary to the layout of your living space. Beyond this, you then have the trouble of disposing of your existing sofa, taking up more room in a precious landfill site.

Selecting the professional workmen who will carry out the reupholstery can be as important as selecting the fabric. The work needs to be done to a high standard; springs, webbing, and seat cushions should be replaced. Does your upholsterer offer any form of guarantee? There are a few national companies that can offer up to 3 years. You will find it hard to get a similar guarantee from a local upholsterer.

It’s very important to find a company who can give helpful advice and recommendations regarding your furniture, which helps to make process hassle free while giving you more confidence that reupholstering furniture is a wise decision in the light of the alternatives.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/furniture-articles/a-must-read-if-youre-considering-reupholstering-your-sofa-1056570.html

About the Author

Chris Stovold, Interior Designer and Plumbs consultant for London West and City of London. Supplying; Sofa Covers, Curtains & Furniture Re-upholstery.