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Hillside “Scape House” Disclosing a Surprising Geometry in Shiga, Japan

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FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects completed the development of the Scape House, a modern family residence in Shiga, Japan. The hillside location of the project and lake views from certain vantage points dictated a design opened towards the landscape. However, the owners’ brief requested a high level of privacy. The “compromise” was to build a home with key-placed window openings: “In this project, versatile spaces that incorporate light and scenery were intended by the windows in order to bring out the best in this house. Scenery viewed through a window is greatly affected by the size or position of the window“, explained the architects.

“The dynamic configuration involving the box-shape volume with rhythmical layout of the windows produces beautiful life scenes where light and scenery are taken in while the eyes of neighborhood are blocked.” The modern spaces reflect visual changes of light and scenery developed while moving around the rooms. Various furniture elements- tables, benches, book reading niches-encourage family activities around the windows. This is why, despite the minimalist arrangements and sober material finishes, the Japanese residence in the photos below can be properly considered a welcoming home.  [Photography by Yoshihiro Asada

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Visionary Courtyard House Piercing the Deserts of Arizona

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For those of you who ever doubted the power of modern architecture, it can re-frame your desires and teach you about the importance of simplicity. This astonishing courtyard house in Scottsdale, Arizona, proves that a clean, functional design can support an inspiring effect on the interior and exterior atmosphere. Designed by Wendell Burnette Architects, the captivating desert courtyard house constructed from soil excavated from the site will stay with you as a reminder of the beauty that can be created in this world.

Designers see this massively beautiful residential structure as “a mass of concrete and rammed earth walls that meet the sky without termination.” Weathered steel covers the roof, continuing the rammed walls up and making the home appear hidden in the landscape :”when seen from above, recedes into the landscape as a deep shadow.”

A central courtyard provides a piercing design. During hot desert days, it floods the interiors with light while showcasing its glass facades mirroring the sky and surrounding vegetation. The resulting effect is a stunning play of shadow and light. At night, this interior courtyard becomes something magical, capturing lights from the inside and allowing the steel plate ceiling inside to visually merge with the night sky.

According to the architects, the spectacular desert home was created to be enjoyed as a work of art inspired by geometry and the natural world:

“Mass, hollowed mass, faceted mass, fissured mass, and mass that cracks open and hinges apart informed how we proceeded to give this home its defining qualities all the way down to the fittings and fixtures that one touches with the hand or the eye. For instance, all the millwork is volumetric concealing its thinness until a bronze void is touched with the fingertips revealing its smooth, contoured surface allowing the mass to be cracked open revealing contents within. Fissures in the steel ceiling reveal light while maintaining the quality of nothingness at night. One can also push open a massive translucent stone to take an outdoor shower in a private faceted court. Mass and the improbability of delicacy discovered within, is what gives the Sonoran Desert its remarkable presence.”

Last but not least, an infinity edge pool visually spilling into the desert extends an invitation to spending time outdoors. Some might find it too transparent, but it was ingeniously designed to be private and cozy. Maybe this black desert mansion suits your taste more.

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Inspiring Eichler Great Room Remodel in California [Before & After Photos]

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Klopf Architecture redesigned a well preserved Eichler House in Mountain View, California. The brief for the Eichler Great Room Remodel project requested a brighter and more open space that would respond to the socializing needs of a family with small children: “What was once a disjointed set of rooms were all combined into one large great room, complete with a new kitchen. The open, modern design space admits light and openness to nature and allows this family to live together in comfort.”

According to the architects, the house was originally an atrium model Eichler, but the atrium had been filled in by a previous owner. They did a partial job, leaving the exterior doors, windows and walls in place around the enclosed atrium, so the layout was chopped up:”We removed the glass doors and solid walls separating the enclosed atrium from the kitchen and living room to create one large great room space, and re-arranged the kitchen in the process. We used alignments and a clean, simple approach to achieve a calm and logical layout. Materials flow around the great room space to give an integrated feeling of the space“. Have a look at the before&after photos uploaded at the end of the post for a better idea on the transformation and tell us what you think!

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Whimsical Blend of Modern and Traditional Design: Equestrian Club Residence

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Completed by Krista Watterworth Design Studio, this stylish family residence in Wellington, Florida, United States inspires harmony throughout. The Equestrian Club project borrows its name from the local passion for horseback riding: “The homeowner, whose daughter is quite the skilled competitor, decided to purchase a home in Wellington to immerse her daughter in its equestrian culture. Although the tradition of her community and the quiet calm of Wellington appealed to her, she wanted a home that suited her taste and personality, a home that blended modern, traditional, and whimsical both subtly and effortlessly.”

As you step inside, you are greeted by a breezy atmosphere generated by a soft color palette in white hues. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the interiors in natural light, while connecting them to the fresh natural environment outdoors. An open plan living area provides a refined background for social gatherings. The gray table set, chandelier and paintings create a modern dining area, which easily stands out. For a quick brunch, the small table with orange framed chairs in the kitchen provides an appropriate setting. All in all, this is a place exuding elegance and good vibes which we believe will cheer you up! [Photography by Jessica Glynn]

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Luxurious Ski Retreat Offering Mesmerizing Views: Chalet Mont Blanc

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Located in Megève, France, the imposing Chalet Mont Blanc is a luxurious ski retreat meant to soften the senses and energize them at the same time. With a vantage position high up on a cliff, overlooking the small town below, the villa comprises two neighboring buildings and comes with a hypnotizing infinity pool. Boasting 7 en-suite bedrooms (enough to sleep up to twelve adults and four children), the ski-in/ski-out chalet offers opportunities for family getaways in an exclusive setting.

The official description lists quite a few luxurious amenities: “The property has a wine cellar with an a la carte wine list and house wines. There is a home cinema a heated outdoor lounge with resort views. The chalet benefits from its own helipad which makes arriving from Geneva quick and simple. Should you choose to arrive by car, you will find a garage that can house 12 cars and that comes with professional washing area. A spa with indoor swimming pool with jet streams, a sauna and a hammam complete the image of a holiday retreat designed to relieve all negative tension.

The design scheme is complex, with each room having its own personality. From pink pillows and bean bags, to dark wood adorned with fur, the variety of materials and textures is striking. Enjoy the virtual tour and feel free to share you personal feedback with the rest of the Freshome community!

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Luxury Beach House in Australia Promising Unforgettable Vacations

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Who doesn’t dream of waking up by the sea, in an inspiring setting? Waking up every morning to a gently caressing breeze and thanking for the amazing panoramas is not only for the owners of this amazingly modern beach house overlooking the sparkling Coral Sea in Castaways Beach, Noosa, Australia. Anyone can rent it and enjoy the luxury pet friendly beach house where carefully designed spaces make you feel royal.

Imagine indulging in moments spent in the infinity edge pool boasting 180 degree ocean views across treetops, coastal pandanus plants and sandy beaches, even for just a while. Building this dreamy beach house on top of a dune allows for sweeping panoramas to flood the interiors. Known as the Blue Dog Beach House, the luxury beach house was imagined by Aboda Design Group as gently decorating the sloped terrain with a terraced design.  Floor-to-ceiling windows construct an almost transparent facade facing the deep blue sea.

Photographed by Paul Smith, the luxurious beach house was “inspired by the relaxed feel of summer homes in New England and combined with the best of contemporary Queensland beach house design“, as defined by the design team behind the project on their website. Bright and cheery living spaces flow into an open plan kitchen with views so beautiful there’s a good chance you’ll just freeze in awe.

Four bedrooms and three bathrooms make up the private quarters of the modern beach house. The master suite and two more bedrooms with queen size beds occupy the upper level, while the fourth “sleepover bedroom” is set on the lower level. A soft and balanced palette of white, soft grey, aqua and turquoise mimic the surrounding landscape, integrating the interiors in the mesmerizing outdoors.

After seeing the luxurious beach house in all its glory, consider visiting this inspiring part of the world and indulging in a royal coastal experience.

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Sophistication Defining Recently Renovated Stone House in Switzerland

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Undergoing a renovation – and a historic one nonetheless – is a task best left to creative professionals, who can envision a new life for an old building that still has so many to offer. This renovated stone house in a historic village in Switzerland is not only a dream come true for its owners, but an example for modernizing historic homes.

By keeping most of the old stone walls of the structure and replacing the existing wooden floors with cement flooring, architects of Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects restored the charm of this fabulous stone house and added up-to-date sophistication.

Architectural photos taken by Hannes Henz showcase the recently renovated stone house as a volumetric stack of natural stones beautifully modernized with large framed windows flooding interiors with natural light. The main building shelters a cellar with vault underneath, plus two more floors above containing the living and cooking space, as well as private bedrooms. An additional annex made of the same stone used to shelter a small grape brandy distillery on the ground floor, a room upstairs and an attic space under the roof. Now this volume is part of the whole, connected to the old vaulted cellar and boasting a summer outdoor loggia with an enticing raw steel fireplace setting the mood for amazing relaxation moments.

Spreading over 116 square meters, the renovated stone house was topped off with a new wood pitched roof that balances the design while keeping the structure safe and secure. The old vaulted cellar becomes the new entrance as the annex is topped off with a panoramic roof terrace encompassed between massive wall parapets and paved with natural stone.

Massive, bold and minimalist, this modern stone house is a dream revived from the past.


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Small Weekend Retreat in New York State Mirroring the Berkshire Hills

Fresh Home Decore - Tue, 02/10/2015 - 21:08

The owner of this small weekend retreat overlooking the Berkshire Hills in Rensselaer County, New York wanted a holiday house for relaxation. In master-minding the project, architect David Jay Weiner was inspired by a cultural symbol: “In the spirit of a Japanese kimono, the house is conceived as a single sweeping volumetric sheet enclosure that wraps and folds into itself to form and define two major interior spaces.” The primary interior space is used for living, dining and study, while the second accommodates a master bedroom suite with floor to ceiling glass windows.

The footprint of the house was minimized with the help of a concrete plinth which elevates the construction increasing the sense of lightness commonly associated with Oriental design. Other interesting features are mentioned by the architects: “An extended closed-in porch like aperture, analogous to an engawa or ‘in-between space’ found in traditional Japanese architecture, extends off the main space to frame the primary view and create a transition zone between inside and outside. As much of the site as possible has been left untouched and restored for the growth of natural wild flowers, which dominate the surrounding landscape in the summer.” [Photography: Tony Morgan]

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House Redesign Abundant in Soft Walnut Hues: “Two-Levels” Project in Ukraine

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Sergey Gotvyansky from NOTT Design Studio completed the “Two-Levels” project, a redesign of a family residence in  Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The result is an elegant home with a color spectrum based “on the balance of rough surfaces of concrete-like plaster and warm textures of American walnut, plus white background and black embedding details”. The new layout was planned around a long hall acting as the core of the home. This key area connects an attached living room to the right with a kitchen and dining zone to the left.

The second floor is described as a completely private area accommodating the master bedroom with the dressing room and the bathroom, children’s and guest rooms. Here are further details, as provided by the project developers: “Selection of pieces of furniture has been made according customer’s desire to have quality made-in-Ukraine furniture and use the least possible number of factory stuff, so all board furniture, complete kitchen, the table, the coffee table, beds are made on the authors’ sketches by local craftsmen.” Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know what you think! [Photography by Andrey Avdeenko]

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Contemporary Residence With an Unexpected Tough Silhouette in Ingarö, Sweden

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Located on the island of Ingarö, Sweden, this contemporary residence designed by Gabriel Minguez is a surprising silhouette in an unspoiled natural landscape. The residence is inspired by Japanese design and features a fastidious garden providing a good transition to the archipelago-specific vegetation surrounding the property. While the water-facing facade is open due to extensive use of glass, the opposite side is less permeable. Clad in spruce paneling with an iron-based color scheme, the exterior is low maintenance and ensures a good level of privacy.
The main door leads to an entrance hall that further opens onto the kitchen, dining and lounge area. In a separate section on the lower floor there are three bedrooms and a large bathroom with shower and sauna. The open-plan social zone is probably the most spectacular, with its minimalist color palette, concrete flooring and unexpected decorating scheme. A preserved boulder in the middle adds a touch of originality, while paying tribute to the archipelago landscape. The designer staircase in metal leads up to a large master bedroom with bathroom en-suite and exits to a roof terrace with fireplace and outdoor areas for entertainment.

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Malibu Beachfront Residence Mimicking the Clean Lines of an Ocean Liner

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Mimicking the clean lines of an ocean liner floating at sea, this Malibu beachfront residence comes with generous 270° views of the neighboring Pacific. Expansive use of glass and plenty of terraces turn this home into an open gallery where the main elements on display are the sun, sand and waves. The street facade comes with a different design, staying true to the simple geometry, while integrating contrasting wooden panels for a visual twist. Discovered by Freshome on Sotheby’s, this newly redesigned villa accommodates three bedrooms and has a total living area of 3,000 square feet.
Here is an excerpt from the official description of the property: “Enter through a mahogany pivot door and into sweeping ocean views. Tall stacking wall of glass create an in-outdoor feel with wide decks and sculptural fire pits. Security system with cameras, custom lighting system, ipod/ipad docks and auto window shades allows you to be in control of your home miles away.” Other features of the residence include a 10-feet kitchen island in white lacquer and Calacatta stone, built-in Sub-Zero and Miele appliances, en-suite bedroom with custom Italian closets by Molteni and baths with television-integrated mirror. Enjoy the virtual gallery!

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Inviting Central Gothenburg Apartment Sprinkled With Industrial Elements

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This central Gothenburg apartment sprinkled with industrial elements features two rooms and an open layout encouraging socializing. Described as a perfect spot for feeling the pulse of the city while enjoying harmonious Swedish living, this crib- located in a beautiful turn of the century building- comes with lovely rooftop views. Discovered on Alvhem, the 67 square-meter apartment offers a generously-sized living room, modern kitchen, dining area with seating for ten guests, an inviting bedroom and a cozy working space.
Living room and dining room are separated by a freestanding wall that optimizes furnishing possibilities without compromising the openness of the floor plan. The ceiling height of about three meters means that the apartment is perceived as large and airy and all walls, ceilings and moldings are painted in crisp white. Classic oak parquet flooring enhances the bright feel and provides a neutral base for decorating. The association’s approximately 150 square meter terrace is easily reached via the second floor; it is here that the inhabitants can enjoy many hours of sunshine thanks to the optimal southwest location. Sit in a sunbed and enjoy the stunning views of the harbor entrance and the inner city’s rooftops.

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Striking Modern Addition Bringing Light and LA Views Inside

Fresh Home Decore - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 22:31

Renovating a ranch house in Los Angeles and making it appear contemporary and elegant was what architect Martin Fenlon did for his latest project. We wouldn’t be presenting this modern addition if it wasn’t something special about it. Photos taken by Eric Staudenmaier show how large, open spaces resulted from this inspired choice of adding a modern volume to the old home. Dressed in a contrasting wood cladding, this new modern addition looks over the sloping site to city panoramas beyond through unraveling glass walls.

Renovating the existing house in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles included maximizing space and light intake. This wooden addition shelters spaces like the living, dining, and master bedroom and bathroom upstairs, while the space underneath was transformed into a new carport. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls flood these new spaces with daylight and allow splendid panoramas to become focal points. Framing views across treetops, these large windows connect the first floor to the outdoor terrace, where a sun-braker  frames pictures of the blue sky.

In the middle of this new living space, a skylight floods the center of the home with light while letting hot air escape and naturally ventilate social spaces. There is another skylight int he kitchen, helping it integrate into the bright continuous space flow opening to a new outdoor deck, where inhabitants sunbathe and enjoy their private outdoors.

How do you imagine transforming your own home? We’d love to know, so share some insight in the comment section below.

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Contemporary Family Home Integrating a Vintage Car Train: Platform House in Japan

Fresh Home Decore - Fri, 02/06/2015 - 05:35

Platform House is a creative residential project completed by Japanese architect Takanobu Kishimoto in Takasago City. According to the project developers, this car train in the images below has been on the site for years. Despite the initial plans to remove it completely, the architects decided to integrate it in the overall design of the single-story house. The new construction features a metallic cantilevered roof which resembles a platform of a train station. You have to admit the “duo” is believable: one may even feel the “train” is just about to leave the station.
Interested in what the architects did with the old car train? Apparently, this unusual household artifact was converted into a large space for firewood storage and additional living area. Extensive use of wood makes the interiors comfortable, inviting and child-friendly. The Japanese are known for their creative minimalist home design approaches, but this project stands out with its powerful human touch. Every corner seems to reveal something connected to the personality of the owners, which makes this place a real home. Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know what you think!

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10 Top Kitchen Trends for 2015

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Ring in the new year by adding these vogue styles to your kitchen—it will make your kitchen the life of the party for years to come. Image Source: Katie Rosenfeld

In the year 2015, the kitchen is not being built for just cooking. Rather, it is becoming a multi-purpose room that simultaneously allows restaurant-worthy meals to be made while also acting as the hub of all conversation, dining, social gatherings and festivities.

We already know that kitchens seem to have a magic power of pulling in the party—but in 2015 it’s a party room with more than one purpose.

So, let’s look at the hottest kitchen trends for 2015, and ring in the new year right with a new, en vogue kitchen:

Let’s look at the hottest kitchen trends for 2015, and ring in the new year right with a new, en vogue kitchen. Image Source: DDC NYC

 1) Bring on Bold Color

2015 is the year to give your kitchen a bold upgrade. This means not being afraid to add a little color to your décor where you might not have expected it before. Sometimes it takes the creation of contrast to get the aesthetic look you’re aiming for—and bold colors are ‘it’ in 2015.

This year, try painting your cabinets any bold shade (dark or light).  These bodacious colors naturally draw the eye in and create a focal point.

Be sure to pull all of your primary kitchen features together in an upgraded and modern fashion by balancing bold colors with lighter neutral tones throughout.

2015 is the year to give your kitchen a bold upgrade. Image Source: Top Notch DS

 2) Industrial Lighting

Your kitchen needs to be well-lit in order to keep up with your culinary adventures, but also provide the perfect place for conversation and mingling to happen at get-togethers.

Industrial-style lighting is very on-trend for 2015. What does this style look like? Well, it varies, but here are some key elements to look for:

  • black steel
  • stainless steel
  • wire caging in place of sconces
  • clear glass and old-fashioned style lightbulbs
  • copper or brass
  • rivets and other industrial hardware

Industrial-style lighting for kitchens is very on-trend for 2015. Image Source: Capital-Building

 3) Industrial Kitchen Island

For 2015 the hot kitchen trend is very much an industrious one. Kitchens are taking on a new personality thanks to popular cooking shows that exhibit industrial kitchens that are outfitted with all the restaurant-quality fixings.

The kitchen island remains the center of the kitchen, but thanks in part to these television shows, the island has shifted. Mobile kitchen islands are all the rage and there’s clear reason for their rise in popularity. Built with function and efficiency in mind a mobile island gives you the benefit of extra counter space, without restrictions on your kitchen floor plan.

Kitchen islands that can be moved from place to place open up opportunities for space in your kitchen you wouldn’t have with a stationary island. And the style of island has begun to mimic a more industrial standard with steel wheels and stainless steel shelves.

The style of island has begun to mimic a more industrial standard with steel wheels and stainless steel shelves. Image Source: Jane Kim Design4) High Efficiency

4) High Efficiency

When talking about kitchen trends for 2015, efficiency is all the rage. There’s no better place to put efficiency into practice than with your pantry shelves. Your kitchen pantry holds all your most essential kitchen items, and should be a priority when it comes to your kitchen upgrade.

Pull-out pantry shelves not only make the search for the right ingredient easier, but virtually painless. Shelves that pull out mean you’re able to see everything at once and just as easily rearrange.

Make this the year that you eliminate kitchen stress by adding a set of pull-out pantry shelves. You’ll kiss the days of digging in the dark goodbye when you’re finally able to visualize what you actually have in that pantry and find it within seconds.

There’s no better place to put efficiency into practice than with your pantry shelves. Image Source: Shelf Genie

 5) Vertical Kitchen Drawers

In a similar vein of organizational thought this year, why not look into adding some vertical drawers to your kitchen? There’s no rule that says kitchen drawers have to be built horizontally, and if something comes along that makes life easier, 2015 should be the year to incorporate it into your kitchen.

Designers are adding (and sometimes hiding)  these tall drawers in the most unusual places, taking advantage of otherwise wasted wall space.

This style of drawer also works well for those small and sometimes hard-to-store items like spices.

Designers are adding (and sometimes hiding) tall vertical drawers in the most unusual places, taking advantage of otherwise wasted wall space. Image Source: Vanilla Wood

6) Kitchen Islands Have a New Job

Kitchen islands are becoming more than just a prep or serving station in 2015—they are acting as home and decor furnishings. This year, transform your kitchen from culinary base to display case with the addition of a unique kitchen island.

Consider incorporating glass or mirror doors on island storage units, or refurbish an old barn table into an island by adding lower shelving units for storage. Regardless of the style you choose, begin to look at your island as a style statement.

The island in the image below certainly makes an impact!

Kitchen islands are becoming more than just a prep or serving station in 2015—they are acting as home and decor furnishings. Image Source: Platinum BG

7) Kitchen Flooring

According to architect Stephen Alton, flooring options for 2015 are going to be amazing, particularly when it comes to the kitchen. Porcelain is going to be a popular flooring choice this year, especially for those on tighter budgets.

Available in many different colors, patterns, and textures, porcelain lasts as long, if not longer than many other flooring products— despite the images of fine china that the name suggests.

For those with higher-end budgets, more elaborate floor tiles will be popular such as the ones shown in the image below.

Flooring options for 2015 are going to be amazing, particularly when it comes to the kitchen. Image Source: Rugoraff

 8) Tiles Are Everywhere

2015 is definitely looking to be the year of the tile as far as kitchen design is concerned. Not super difficult to install and available with colorful grouting options, there’s no reason to stop with a backsplash when putting tiles in your kitchen—why not cover an entire wall?

Consider tiling the interior of your kitchen sink—it’s beneficial on several levels. Not only does it provide a water resistant surface, but allows for easy cleaning that’s also pleasing to the eye. Colorful tiles in your sink give your kitchen a fun edge that allows you to incorporate bold hues you might not be brave enough to try on primary walls or backsplashes.

Tiles will bring a vibrant life to your kitchen décor that just wasn’t there before.

2015 is definitely looking to be the year of the tile as far as kitchen design is concerned. Image Source: Dan Waibel

9) Brass Is Back

Sometimes the best décor trends are seen in the details. Your kitchen is no exception to this rule.

The gleam of brass details can turn your kitchen into a very elegant space. Think shiny brass pendants, brass knobs, handles and brass facets.

If this shine it too much for your tastes, then try toned-down copper details instead. Either way, these gold-hued metals are very now.

The gleam of brass details can turn your kitchen into a very elegant space. Think shiny brass pendants, brass knobs, handles and brass facets. Image Source: Michelle Workman

 10)  Kitchens Get Smart

If your smartphone can’t do it, then it can’t be done, right? Well, for many this is true, which is why a current trend in kitchens evolve around smart technology.

Take, for instance, the Anova Precision Cooker. This Bluetooth-enabled device allows you to connect to your phone, search recipes, and integrate the suggested cooking times and temps so that your food comes out perfect each and every time.

You will also want to embrace charging stations within your kitchen design—there are numerous hidden options to be discovered that won’t take away from the decor. Consider adding some unique technology to your kitchen, making it ‘smarter’ in 2015.

You will want to embrace charging stations within your kitchen design—there are numerous hidden options to be discovered that won’t take away from the decor. Image Source: LGB Interiors

Whether you decide to incorporate one or all of these fun ideas, it’s time to give your kitchen the modern boost it deserves for the year to come. Functioning as the central heartbeat of your home, putting some time and energy into small upgrades can go a long way towards making your kitchen the haven it’s meant to be for family and friends.

Make this year the one that takes your kitchen from standard to sublime. With a focus on efficiency, functionality and personal style, you can’t go wrong.

What trend do you want to add to your kitchen this year?

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Sumptuous, Yet Intimate Design Scheme Exhibited by M Restaurant in London

Fresh Home Decore - Thu, 02/05/2015 - 05:01

The first thing that strikes you when you walk into M Restaurant on Threadneedle Walk is how big the space is, yet how intimate it feels! This brand new 12,000 square foot London eatery, was a collaboration between a veteran restaurateur and his interior designer, Rene Dekker. Martin Williams’ vision was to create an establishment that would appeal to a broad spectrum of gastronomes and offer the best cuts of meat as well as the finest ‘raw’ cuisine. Coupled with this, the interiors had to emulate a sleek and sophisticated ambiance that would feel intimate yet familiar; in his words “a boutique hotel without any rooms or a private members club with no members”.

On the ground floor the space is divided into two main areas by the clever use of bespoke designed, bronze screens, emblazoned with the subtle but ubiquitous M logo. To the left is ‘M Grill’, which serves some of the finest cuts of beef in Europe. The scheme is a fusion of many elements, most notably the strong teal fabrics on the banquette seating mixed with subtle wool tweeds on the chocolate brown armchairs which create a sumptuous, yet simple ambiance. Everywhere you look, René Dekker Design have added exciting textural elements leaving no surface unadorned, such as the faux eel skin wall paper by Elitis, which decks the walls in the banquette niche.

The client wanted a scheme that was unique and exciting but that would still be self-deprecating,and this is evident in the selection of art as seen in one of the many Miles Adridge photos that adorn the restaurant. Hanging squarely in the middle of this gorgeously finished wall is a seductive shot of a glamorous model sitting at a table in front of a large plate of steak tartar. The scale has also been carefully contemplated considering the double volume ceiling height on the ground floor. It was essential to ensure the space delivered an intimate atmosphere, so the team created niches for the banquette seating and brought the decorative lighting down to just above the tables. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by James Silverman]

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Challenging Australian Home Design Polished to Perfection

Fresh Home Decore - Wed, 02/04/2015 - 23:18

Bowler Residence was designed by Tim Stewart Architects to comply with strict building regulations while offering a platform for panoramic city views in Paddington, Queensland. This modern Australian home was imagined as a terraced space for living with direct connection to the sunny outdoors. Architects describe it as “this new residence in Paddington, Queensland involved the integration of a contemporary design aesthetic within the highly constrained planning requirements of the traditional inner-city suburb.”

Equipped with clerestory windows flooding the space with natural light, the open floor-plan invites to relaxation and socialization. Seamlessly connected to the outdoors, the living room continues down a flight of stairs to the open plan kitchen and dining space and further out to the deck and swimming pool. Photographed by Christopher Frederick Jones, the Bowler Residence fascinates with sleek furnishings and bold details shaping a restrained color palette boasting interesting textures.

The house implores an open-plan design strategy whereby spaces are defined by the series of internal steps that enable the house to follow the grade of the steeply sloping site, while still maximizing the potential for city views.

This environmentally conscious Australian home built using reclaimed wood is also in the studio’s portfolio, exemplifying even further the use of modern design as a strategic function of contemporary homes.


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Why Home Organization Matters In Design

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An organized interior helps make sure your guests focus on your aesthetic rather than clutter. Image Via: Dyer Photo

When most people think of interior design, they consider the at of revamping the look of a space – picking out paint colors and finding the perfect furniture. However, it’s also vital to consider the life that a space will have once a design is complete and is being lived in.

Home organization is that crucial element that keeps a design looking fresh long after you’ve completed the finishing touches. It’s an essential step to creating a look that you’ll love for years to come.

Whether you’re someone who needs to have every aspect of your home in order or you’re the type of person that’s more laid-back, every home should have some type of storage system in place. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why order is key, as well as some tips on how to make it happen. Give them a look. You may just be inspired to give your home an organizational makeover.

Proper organization helps pull a room together. Image Via: j Witzel Interior Design

It Gives A Polished Look

Think about all the professionally-designed rooms that you see when you’re scrolling through Freshome or flipping through the pages of glossy magazines. There is one feature that sets them apart from real interiors. Simply, real homes often looked lived in while the staged photos leave nothing out of place.

Organization is the key to achieving that catalog look. If you look carefully at the pages of those photos, it’s clear that all of the everyday-use items in the room are stored in a specific and predetermined place, which creates a streamlined look.

One of the first steps toward getting your home organized is to find a place for those loose items so they aren’t left lying out and about. Challenge yourself to find spaces for all of your current loose items. Remember, if you can’t find a spot for something, it’s probably time to de-clutter.

Busy spaces like playrooms can especially benefit from an organizational touch. Image Via: Clean Design

Blend Form and Function

At Freshome, we often talk about how important it is to strike the right balance of form and function. After all, it doesn’t matter how good a room looks, if you can’t live in it peacefully, right? By the same token, you won’t enjoy your space if functionality totally overtakes aesthetic appeal.

When you’re looking to organize your home, try to find storage solutions that also fit into the look of your home. Dual-purpose furniture, colored baskets, and built-in shelving that you can paint or stain are often the safest bets.

Honesty is key here, too. As you shop for storage solutions, think long and hard about how you’ll use the item before you make your purchase. Even if you have to search out multiple options before finding a solution that works for you, it will be worth the time in the long run because you’ll continually be inspired to put the piece to use once you get it home.

Built-in shelving is a great way to keep clutter under control. Image Via: Laura U, Inc.

Structure Adds Resale Value

It’s true. Proper organization can add value to your home. Whether you’re currently preparing to enter the real estate market or you want to stay in your home for a long time to come, it’s never to early to start taking the organizational steps that will keep your home in tip-top shape.

Think about it this way, if you were in the market to purchase a new home, would you want to have to wade through someone else’s clutter on a showing? Of course not. By welcoming buyers into an organized property, you not only show your home in its best light, but you also show them how they could potentially use the space.

Even if your not looking to put your home on the market right away, it’s never too early to put organizational systems in place. That way, if you do need to make a move, you’re not struggling to create order at a moment’s notice.

Make sure closets are organized on showings – you never know where people will look. Image Via: Capital Closets

Designers Share Their Organization Tips

All this talk about organization doesn’t mean much if you’re unsure how to put it into practice. We’ve asked designers to share their best tips on how they get – and keep – their homes in tip-top shape:

Julia Epstein FasanoBuy as many [baskets] as you possibly can. They should all be made of the same material and the same color to create a cohesive look.

Lauren MakkFind storage solutions for the unused spaces in your home.

Cheryl EisenWhen It Comes to Knickknacks, fill the space without overcrowding it.
Holly Becker: Hire a cleaning lady or a personal organizer, even a decorator, if you need to clean the slate and start from scratch. Sometimes you just need another person to step into your space and give you some encouragement and advice.

Aim for storage that fits your organizational needs and aesthetic taste. Image Via: Patrick Brickman

Home organization is the key to allowing you’re home’s design to continue to shine long after the last coat of paint dries. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Even the most laid back individual can keep a house looking photo-ready, if they find a storage system that fits their lifestyle. Check out our tips on how and why home organization matters and you’ll be off to a great start.

Are you super organized are more of a free spirit? Do you have any great organization tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

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Striking Clifton 2A Residence in Cape Town Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

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Clifton 2A Residence is an impressive contemporary project recently completed by studio SAOTA in Clifton, an affluent suburb of Cape Town in South Africa. Built on a spectacular, yet challenging site, the massive home comes with 270° views of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles beyond. The clients’ brief requested a flexible family getaway that would cleverly respond to its environment: “Due to the steepness of the site and the resultant excavation, the structural frame of the house virtually follows the natural ground level – this inherent drama was expressed as part of the overall aesthetic of the house”, says Tamaryn Fourie Project Leader.

According to the architects, the key strategy to create a generous level for principal living rooms was to elevate the main level on a plinth comprising of guest bedrooms and secondary spaces such as the Gym, Study, Garage and all plant This Ground Floor is partially set into the steep site thereby maximizing the living level and raising it above the noisy provincial road. The First and Second Floors were then set back, fragmented and rotated to create a central but sheltered external terrace. A glass bridge forms the link between the fragmented structures at the upper levels and permits North sunlight to shine between the bedroom wings and into the central areas on the South side of the house. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by SAOTA]

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Powerful Idyllic Nature Frames Evoked in Sky Furniture Collection by thecraftlab

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The new SKY collection by Irina Neacsu evokes the emotion of idyllic frames inspired both by nature and by the urban landscapes of Romania. The series represents the development of a newly charted direction in the creation of thecraftlab: the home & decorating items are now being personalized by the means of digital prints of Irina Neacsu’s paintings, inspired by emotions gathered during her travels.

The Sky is the Limit futon, the Daydreamer, Explorer, Silence is Bliss armchairs and the Lost in Tranquillity couch are a contemporary statement about how the home & decorating items can charge us with powerful feelings: “Behind the paintings, there are emotions and memories of my first rounds of mountain biking in Transylvania, of the city of Sibiu during my childhood, of the grandeur of Lake Vidraru or the serenity of the Danube Delta, of the enigmatic Fagaras or the infinity of the sky. And Romania is just the starting point for my travel stories, who knows where the road will take me in the near future. The items in my new collection are an invitation to comfort, peacefulness and introspection”, Irina points out.

At the same time, the collection is completed by items printed with images of fantasy animals, creating a fairy tale scenario also inspired by the hikes under the open sky. In the near future, the paintings which inspired the collection will represent the starting point for the drafting of several smaller collections of fashion accessories and home & decorating items for terrace and garden.

thecraftlab by Irina Neacsu is the only Romanian design brand participating in the winter edition of the famous international fair – Maison&Objet, this being its third participation of this kind. All items belonging to this new collection will be exhibited for the first time in the Côté Déco section (Hall 4), between the 23rd and the 27th of January.  [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Designist on behalf of thecraftlab]


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